PortableOcean® is live seafood storage made easy: easy to install, easy to maintain, easy to move, easy to get! OceanFleet has designed and manufactured a truly state-of-the-art system – water filtration system is one of the most sophisticated in the world, ensuring optimum conditions for keeping your expensive live seafood like it should be - alive. Because of its user-friendliness and 24h technical support, PortableOcean® is a perfect system for restaurants, hotels, retail stores, private individuals, etc.


ISO9001:2008 certified (certificate no: 117 16 QU 0371-04 R0S);
CE certified (certificate no: M.2016.201.Y1117);
Water capacity: 450L;
Live seafood capacity: 75kg;
Dimensions (l) x (w) x (h): 1160mm x 780mm x 1560mm;
Water temperature control: +5C to +30C;
Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater operations;
Required electricity supply: regular socket;
Required water supply: not required;
Required drainage: not required.


Aquarium can be fully customized with your design to suit the style of your environment. Below are a few of OceanFleet signature designs available:


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