Kings Crab






Scallops, crab meat, squid, prawns and King crab are a only a few items from our frozen seafood range.


Live shellfish from all around the world including  native lobsters, brown crabs and diver scallops sourced directly from fishermen in Scotland. 


Our dedicated purchasing team buys prime fish at the Brixham auction every morning only supplying us with the freshest Monkfish, Turbot, Dover Sole, Lemon Sole, etc.

Through our global network of fishermen, we source a wide range of products from different fishing grounds all around the world.


Why don't you check out our product list to see our full range of live, fresh and frozen products we have available. Any questions about products you can't find or want to request prices, please call us at 020 3761 7366 and a member of our team will be happy to help


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